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Live the life you were meant to live by reviving your joints with the miracle of Human Cellular Tissue Allografts and Regenerative Medicine

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At Solutions Integrated Medicine, our sole mission is to help you. We are a cutting edge team that helps patients get out of pain, avoid surgery and optimize function. 

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We have treated thousands of patients in the Tri-Cities and have a terrific track record for success. Here are some amazing stories of satisfied patients...

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Joint Pain is ALL We Do....

If you suffer with Joint Pain, Back Pain or degenerative arthritis, coming to Solutions Integrated Medicine is the best thing you can do. If you want to avoid medication and surgery, we offer a safer, healthier alternative.

All the treatments and products we recommend are natural, minimally invasive and designed to help the body repair damaged tissue, while reducing inflammation and pain.

Feel Better & Become Healthier with Advanced Technology....

State of the Art Regenerative Medicine

Top technology improves joint space and offers a safer, natural alternative to surgery

Gonstead Chiropractic

Precision alignments to restore nerve function for improved healing capacity

Placental Allograft Therapy

Life-changing regenerative medicine program that's now being covered by some health insurance plans

Functional Rehab

Corrects muscular imbalances, aids in structural alignment and improves balance and strength

State of the Art Bracing

Next level lumbar supports and off-loading knee braces for best protection of healing joints

Integrative Team Approach

Treatment programs are developed by our integrated team of professionals

Real Results

At Solutions, we have helped thousands of patients in the Tri-Cities get out of pain, improve their function and avoid surgery.

All the treatments we offer are non-invasive, have no adverse effects and rarely require down time. To learn more about what regenerative medicine can do for you, listen to what our patients have to say here....

Trigger Finger Help

     Trigger finger is a painful, chronic problem affecting the tendons in the hand. Sufferers complain of pain in the palm or knuckles, weakness of grip and a catching or locking of an involved finger. This problem is usually worse in the morning and commonly affects the ring finger and thumb (sometimes middle).

     Trigger finger is more of a nuisance than a serious condition, however if left untreated the affected finger/thumb can become permanently stuck. Regenerative medicine offers a new, non-surgical treatment option that could change the game for trigger finger sufferers, here's how...


Awesome Stories

"I needed a left knee replacement but the surgery was going to be dangerous. Fortunately, I've had amazing results at Solutions... no longer need surgery and now I can walk without pain!"

Join the ranks of satisfied patients by becoming one yourself! For more amazing stories that will inspire and educate you, check out our favorite and most interesting patient testimonial videos here.