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Allograft Sources

Human Tissue Cellular Allografts are one of the best treatments you can get for painful, degenerative joints because of their ability to reduce pain, inflammation and improve joint space. Many patients want to know - where do the allograft cells come from?

Mar 31st, 2020
Allograft Adjuncts

When allograft cellular tissue is injected into degenerative knees, often bracing is required for a time-being. This is necessary to help keep the damaged joint space open so the allograft cells have more room to work when in their most active phase....

Mar 23rd, 2020
Allograft Rejection?

The human tissue cellular allografts we use at Solutions Integrated Medicine come from the amniotic layer of a human placenta and the outer layer of the umbilical cord. The cells extracted from these tissues are immune neutral; they have no immune cells.

Mar 18th, 2020
Will My Insurance Cover Regenerative Medicine?

There is often some amount of insurance coverage for certain adjuncts necessary for a human tissue cellular allograft, like braces/supports, rehab, exams, etc., however in general, most insurance companies do not cover the actual procedure....

Mar 13th, 2020
How Long Will The Results From Regenerative Medicine Last?

Once you get more joint space and regenerative changes in your joint from a human tissue cellular allograft, how long the results last depend on a number of factors. Certain activities (like heavy weight lifting for example) will be harder on the joints...

Mar 5th, 2020
Anti-Inflammatory Drugs

When you get a misalignment in one of your joints, one of the body’s first responses is inflammation, so NSAIDs are one of the most common treatments. While these drugs are effective and extremely easy to get, they take a toll on the body....

Feb 23rd, 2020
Joint Rehabilitation

When a patient gets a human cellular tissue allograft injection into one of their joints or utilized chiropractic care, rehab is a very important adjunct to their care. This is what it does and why it's so important....

Feb 16th, 2020
Stem Cell Rejection?

When we use amniotic tissue allografts for treatment of joint pain or other conditions, we are essentially performing a type of live tissue cell transplant. However unlike organ and blood donation, there is no chance of rejection with these types of cells.

Feb 9th, 2020
Back Pain

Whether it happens suddenly or over a length of time, spinal misalignments cause the disc to change its shape, bulging the material into sensitive nerve tissue causing back or neck pain, numbness, weakness and/or malfunction in other parts of the body.

Feb 7th, 2020
The Cause of Joint Degeneration

It’s a sad day when you hear the somber words from your doctor that your knee joints are ‘bone on bone’ and you need a total replacement. Whether it’s your hips, knees or shoulder joints, replacement surgery should not be taken lightly.....

Jan 28th, 2020
Your Own Body's Regenerative Medicine

The best internal source of human cellular tissue useful for allografts is called PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma). These are harvested by simply withdrawing a blood sample and separating the blood cells from the plasma.

Jan 16th, 2020
Adipose Tissue Stem Cells

Beware of the online advertisements for adipose tissue stem cell oral supplements claiming to relieve aches and pains or help heal the body, these products are completely bogus. For joint pain and end stage, bone-on-bone osteoarthritis, we recommend PRP...

Jan 26th, 2020