Knee Pain & Regenerative Medicine

Traditional medical treatments for knee pain including anti-inflammatory meds, steroids and surgery often do well for providing temporary relief. Despite these treatments, scar tissue is left behind that often leaves the joint in a weakened state for the future. Scar tissue is less functional than normal tissue and is commonly the sight where degeneration begins; the start of osteoarthritis. Fortunately, knee pain sufferers now have more options other than steroid injections and surgery. Regenerative medicine offers an alternative that’s drug-free, minimally invasive and requires hardly any down time. For acute conditions, regenerative medicine rapidly reduces inflammation and pain, while also helping the body repair any damage. For arthritis in the knees, regenerative medicine is one of the best ways to fill tissue voids and improve joint space.

At Solutions Integrated Medicine, we offer the best, most cutting edge regenerative medicine products and therapies available in the Tri-Cities. We are an integrated team of different providers, all with expertise in the field of treatment of joint pain. We study all of our patients as a team for the best diagnosis and treatment plans that will help with both the fastest pain relief and most complete end result. In many cases, we offer Platelet Rich Plasma treatments and human cellular allograft injections in the form of Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy® for the treatment of arthritis as well as acute knee injuries. This therapy is minimally invasive, has no side effects and requires only temporary knee braces.

Dr. Dan Levesque, DC Dr. Levesque has practiced chiropractic in Abingdon, VA for the last 25 years. After experiencing amazing success with regenerative medicine himself, he came to work for Solutions Integrated Medicine. He is highly committed to further studying this science for the purpose of helping more patients feel better, become healthier and avoid surgery.

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