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Foot Pain Tri Cities TN

Bring your sore, aching feet to Solutions and experience real pain relief, naturally with the miracle of regenerative therapy.

Real Relief for Foot Pain in Tri Cities, TN

     When severe foot problems are hindering your walking and ruining your life, setting up an appointment with Solutions Integrated Medicine is the best thing you can do. We understand how draining it is (physically and mentally) to have pain that follows you everywhere you go. Whether it’s the sharp stab of a bone spur or energy-robbing dull ache of arthritis or tendonitis, the doctors and nurses of our clinic have much experience with helping patients suffering from severe foot pain.

     We use the latest state of the art regenerative medicine products and therapies to not only help patients with pain relief and to avoid surgery but also optimize function. If you suffer from sore, aching feet, have bone spurs, arthritis or chronic problems in your feet, contact us to explore your options with regenerative medicine!

foot pain tri cities TN

The Problem That Follows You Everywhere...

     Foot problems like bone spurs, arthritis and tendonitis can become terribly intrusive on your life. Pain and soreness that follows a person from the first step of the day to the final throb in bed at night sends many on a long journey seeking relief. Besides all the difficulty with walking and problems getting around, finding an effective therapy can be just as stressful.

     This is because traditional treatment for foot pain in Tri Cities TN has adverse effects and rarely addresses the cause of the problem. Medication simply covers up the symptoms and is unhealthy, and invasive surgery leaves the body weakened with scar tissue and sometimes even more damaged.


Annoying Treatment Dilemma… Solved!

     This is why many people with sore, painful feet in Tri Cities TN are seeking alternative healthcare for relief. Patients are ecstatic when they find out about the amazing benefits of regenerative medicine! This branch of medicine uses products that are not only natural and not harmful to the body but actually help the body heal damaged tissue. This can be extremely helpful in both acute injuries (for help repairing ligament/tendon tears), and chronic conditions (reducing bone spurs and improving joint spaces).

     Regardless of the diagnosis, regenerative medicine is safe, has no adverse effects and even helps the body become stronger and more functional. Regenerative therapy is not only providing much needed relief for the most severe foot pain sufferers but they’re also walking better too!

Come To Solutions Integrated Medicine

     At Solutions in Tri Cities TN, we are a results-driven team of doctors, nurses and therapists that have helped many patients with foot pain. After studying x-rays and test results, our team evaluates each patient from both a medical and structural standpoint to address the cause of the problem. We have much experience helping patients with severe sore, achy feet get relief and improve their walking with the regenerative medicine treatments and therapy we provide at our clinic.

     We have seen amazing results with not only acute injuries but also bone spurs and chronic arthritis of the feet. Many of our patients have even been able to avoid surgery. If you have persistent foot pain or soreness that’s affecting your walking, contact us for an evaluation to see if we can help!


All the treatments we recommend at Solutions in Tri Cities TN are natural, minimally invasive, have no adverse effects and require no down time. If you have foot pain, and want to feel better NOW, Make your appointment here.

Regenerative Medicine Helps Revive Crippled Feet

"I was nearly crippled with terrible arthritis in both feet and facing joint replacements for my ankles. After regenerative medicine treatments at Solutions, I no longer need surgery, can walk much better and am almost pain free!"
- Virginia M.

Thrilled With My Results!

"My neurologist diagnosed me with neuropathy and I wasn't thrilled with the treatment options. After the first chiropractic treatment at Solutions, the numbness started going away and now my feet (and my back) are much better!"
- Shirley P.