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Hip Pain Treatment Tri Cities TN

Hip pain doesn’t have to end in joint replacement surgery thanks to regenerative medicine!

Relief For Severe Hip Pain In Tri Cities, TN

     When you suffer with severe hip pain, degenerative arthritis in your hips or facing hip replacement surgery, the best choice is Solutions Integrated Medicine. We are a team of results driven doctors, nurses and therapists who specialize in the treatment of joint pain, osteoarthritis and bone on bone conditions. Using the most cutting edge regenerative medicine techniques, we offer many hip pain patients both relief and a healthy alternative to total joint replacement surgery.

     If walking, prolonged sitting, or laying on your side at night causes you severe hip pain, make an appointment immediately! If you’ve been told you have bursitis or your hip is bone on bone, make an appointment now. Our Tri Cities TN hip arthritis team will evaluate your symptoms and x-rays and make recommendations for the best treatment and fastest relief possible.


The Saga of Hip Pain...

     Most chronic hip pain sufferers don’t start out in constant pain. Their saga of pain began intermittently or was only caused by certain positions or motions. First symptoms are described as a nagging, sharp ‘catch’ felt in the front (hip flexor) or deep in the joint when walking or twisting their leg a certain way. As a hip socket slowly degenerates thru further stages of arthritis (osteoarthritis), it’s not long before sitting causes a constant dull ache in the joint.

     When their hip starts feeling unstable and having severe pain at night, most hip pain sufferers give in and seek relief from their doctor. After x-rays, a diagnosis of either bursitis or bone on bone arthritis makes most hip pain sufferers start searching for best treatment alternatives to try and avoid what seems inevitable…. total joint replacement surgery.


Common Causes of Hip Pain

     There are numerous causes of hip pain besides just bursitis or degenerative arthritis, so sometimes diagnosis can be tricky. Fortunately, most of the common causes of hip pain can be accurately evaluated by imaging (x-rays, MRI) and a limited number of physical tests. To avoid misdiagnosis, it’s prudent to determine if the cause of pain is coming from the actual hip joint, the hip flexor or referred to the hip from another source.

     For example, sometimes severe hip pain after walking, prolonged sitting or at night can be from a pinched nerve in the spine, mimicking the same symptoms as bursitis, or bone on bone osteoarthritis. For the best treatment possible, using a practitioner who takes a wholistic approach is smart; they are more likely to recommend natural pain relief and alternatives to total hip joint replacement surgery.


Look To The Spine...

     One of the most common causes of severe hip pain (single or bilateral) and pain in the hip flexor is a neuritis. This is a pinched nerve occurring in the spine and causing pain in or around the hip joint. Common misalignments that cause this are often found at L3, L4 or L5, however a misalignment of the pelvis can produce similar sharp pain or arthritis symptoms. Often times, a hip bursitis that develops without a previous activity/injury is the result of an underlying spinal disc issue at one of these levels.

     When the hip pain can be reproduced more when sitting, sometimes this suggests a neuritis of spinal disc origin, vs hip pain that’s reproduced when walking, suggests a pelvic misalignment or degenerative condition. Pinched nerve/neuritis causes of hip pain are also commonly aggravated at night. Chiropractors are the best professionals for proper x-ray analysis and to provide relief for these conditions; their treatment can be an important alternative ally in preventing bone on bone osteoarthritis and avoiding total hip joint replacement surgery.

Sprains, Strains & Tears

     Another common cause of hip pain is an injury/insult to a ligament. This can be in the form of a sprain or even a tear. A torn labrum cannot be seen on an x-ray, but often includes pain in the front of the hip, the hip flexor or deep in the joint. This condition is usually caused by injury or overuse, however can also arise as a result of skeletal misalignment and/or hip socket degeneration. Hip pain patients with labrum tears can sometimes get symptom relief from arthroscopic surgery, however this should be only recommended because of severe pain and as a last result.

     Regardless of the type of treatment, scar tissue from this condition often leads to arthritis and eventual progression to bone on bone osteoarthritis, leading to hip replacement. Bursitis is an inflammation of a fluid-filled sac that protects the hip joint. This can occur from an insult, overuse or alternatively, the result of a neuritis but can cause severe pain with both walking, sitting and at night. (1)


Wear & Tear Arthritis

     Most chronic hip pain is caused by degeneration of the joint during progression of osteoarthritis. This process generally takes years however the damage is permanent, resulting in bone on bone deterioration and the eventual total surgical replacement of the hip. In many cases, symptoms do not become severe until the end stages, so many arthritis hip pain patients do not even get xrays or treatment until it’s too late.

     Sometimes only certain sections of the hip joint degenerates at a time, so not all patients have consistent pain with walking, sitting or laying at night (like bursitis); symptoms often vary depending on the case. The best hip pain Tri Cities TN surgeons encourage their patients to wait as long as possible before getting total hip replacement surgery, while it seems most patients are glad to wait but even happier for a safer alternative for relief.

Hip Pain Treatment Options

Temporary Pain Relief at The Expense of Your Health

     Most traditional medical treatments for hip pain symptoms begin conservatively with relief efforts focusing on reducing swelling in the joint, often in the form of medication and physical therapy. This approach works best for lessor conditions like bursitis however steroid injections contribute to further deterioration if the pain is caused by degenerative osteoarthritis.

     If walking and sitting is greatly affected or there is severe pain at night and bone on bone arthritis is suspected, x-rays are the best imaging however MRI/CT scan may also be helpful. While medical treatment may offer temporary relief, it does nothing to stop hip joint degeneration or offer any alternatives to total replacement surgery.


A Safer & Healthier Solution....

     Thanks to regenerative medicine, hip pain patients now have a healthy, natural alternative to total replacement surgery. After careful study of x-rays, therapies including human tissue allograft injections are offering bone on bone, severe osteoarthritis patients new options. Treatments have helped many degenerative arthritis patients with symptom relief at night as well as improved function for walking and sitting without pain. Allograft joint injections to the hip joint also work extremely well for acute conditions such as bursitis and even labral tears.

     Regenerative medicine is the best alternative to surgery as it not only provides a strong anti-inflammatory effect but also stimulates the body to repair damaged tissue. Unlike surgery, this state of the art treatment has no dangerous complications or adverse effects and requires no down time.

Our Solution For Hip Pain

     At Solutions, we have terrific results for people with severe hip pain, osteoarthritis or facing hip joint replacement surgery. For patients with acute injuries and bursitis, we offer regenerative medicine programs to help with the fastest pain relief and most complete recovery possible. For severe bone on bone, degenerative arthritis (diagnosed by x-ray), our treatment program for hip arthritis in Elizabethton, TN offers the best alternative to total hip joint replacement surgery.

     Many of our patients have been able to not only avoid surgery but are now walking, sitting and sleeping through the night without pain. We also have chiropractors on staff to be able to distinguish and treat neuritis hip pain symptoms and get to the cause of your problem. All the treatment options we offer at Solutions Integrated Medicine in Tri Cities, TN are minimally invasive, have no down time or adverse effects.


All the treatments we recommend are natural, minimally invasive, have no adverse effects and require no down time. If you have hip pain, and want to feel better NOW, Make your appointment here.

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