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Joint Pain - Tri Cities, TN

Get to the bottom of what's really causing your joint pain and enjoy, the safe, natural options of regenerative medicine...

Relief is Just a Phone Call Away...

     When joint pain is keeping you from sleeping and interfering with movement, Solutions Integrated Medicine in Tri Cities TN is the first place you should call. We offer state of the art, non-drug/non-surgical treatments for joint pain relief that focus on causes of the problem. We are a team of doctors, nurses and therapists who focus solely on treating muscle and joint pain conditions using the latest regenerative medicine techniques and therapies. If you suffer with joint pain, call us now at (423) 542-2913.


Living With Chronic Joint Pain?

     Chronic joint pain can be terribly invasive to your life; difficulty getting around, trouble sleeping at night, hindering all your activities. It isn’t long before you’re living on NSAIDs and working your whole life around your joint pain. Whether it’s just one or multiple joints involved, we understand how crippling joint pain can be. When you’re finally willing to give in and seek professional help, then there’s the stress of the treatment – traditional medical treatment can be costly and often leads to invasive surgery.

     Unfortunately, many people in Tri Cities TN who suffer with joint pain only get temporary relief because they never received a correct diagnosis in the first place. When the diagnosis is wrong (or incomplete), it leads to ineffective treatment that either fails to provide relief or doesn’t address the cause of the problem. Meanwhile the costs continue to add up as the joint pain gets worse and further degenerates.

Common Causes of Joint Pain

1. Osteoarthritis

     There are many causes of joint pain so sometimes diagnosis can be tricky. While acute injuries account for numerous cases, the most common cause of ongoing joint pain in adults is osteoarthritis. This is the slow wear and tear of the ligaments and cartilage in your joints until eventually there is no more space. Once the joint space is gone, there is much pain and instability until there is no other treatment option other than surgery. 

     Osteoarthritis takes years to develop, so patients generally don’t start seeking relief until the later stages of the disease. While most people eventually end up with some amount of osteoarthritis in their joints, expect it to be worse in those with previous injury histories, prior surgeries and the obese.


2. Bursitis

     Most of the major joints have a bursa; this is a small fluid filled sac that helps cushion and protect the joint. Sometimes injuries, overuse or an over extension of the joint causes the bursa to become irritated and inflamed. Symptoms include swelling, stiffness, sharp pain with movement and tenderness to the touch.

     If you have a true bursitis, expect it to be temporary and you should get relief with conservative treatment. Beware however of the bursitis that doesn’t respond! This often suggests underlying problems. For every bursitis diagnosis, it’s also important to rule out other possible causes of joint pain, including arthritis or neuritis from the spine.


3. Pinched Nerves

     Pinched nerves from misalignments in the spine or pelvis commonly cause pain and weakness in limbs and specific joints; sometimes causing symptoms that mimic bursitis exactly. Pinched nerves in the spine can also cause imbalances in the body’s muscles and ligaments, further contributing to joint pain and dysfunction.

     When searching for relief of your joint pain in Tri Cities TN, it’s important you go to a healthcare practitioner who examines the body holistically so as not to miss the spine as a potential cause of joint pain. A misdiagnosis can lead to ineffective or even harmful treatment, not to mention prolonged suffering. Chiropractors are the best professionals to help rule out joint pain that may be originating from the spine.


Joint Pain Treatment in Tri Cities, TN


Covering Up Symptoms Leads To Surgery

     Traditional treatment for joint pain usually begins with combating inflammation using NSAIDs, generally effective for short term relief. If the pain continues, eventually x-rays and/or MRI imaging helps develop a diagnosis. Physical therapy is often involved and perhaps most useful in the recovery phase of care, after an injury or surgery, however rarely tackles the cause of the problem. Despite this, therapy is an effective conservative treatment for joint pain when used at the right time.

     Depending on the injury or condition, sometimes orthopedic surgery is unavoidable, however should be a last resort whenever possible. Surgery always leaves behind scar tissue that’s not as functional and strong as normal tissue and so is often the seed for degeneration of the joint.

     Unfortunately, traditional medical treatment in Tri Cities TN doesn’t offer much for joint pain sufferers with osteoarthritis (the majority of joint pain patients). A steady diet of medication to manage pain relief while the joint continues to degenerate, until eventually a joint replacement surgery is in order.

Exciting New Options In Regenerative Medicine

     The good news is there are many options in alternative medicine that are proving to be safer, healthier and much more effective. New ideas in chiropractic, rehabilitation science and breakthrough products in regenerative medicine are soon becoming the preferred treatment methods for joint pain sufferers in Tri Cities TN. Human tissue allografts combined with exosomes and growth factors are helping osteoarthritis patients with degenerative damage improve joint space and avoid surgery.


Our Solution

     Our Tri Cities TN joint pain treatment program often recommends different modalities including chiropractic, injections and comprehensive rehab which provides a terrific synergistic effect many patients are amazed with. If you need relief from joint pain, we have an excellent track record of helping patients with both acute injuries and chronic degenerative arthritis. Many of our patients have been able to put off or completely avoid joint replacement surgery.

     At Solutions, our patients enjoy the pain relief but also benefit from stronger, more stable joints after treatment from our clinic. Whether you have joint pain from an acute injury or chronic arthritis, make an appointment with us right away for fast relief and a natural solution to the problem. Make your appointment here.