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Knee Pain Tri Cities, TN

Regenerative medicine is giving knee pain sufferers new options for relief and alternative to surgery

If You Have Knee Pain in Tri Cities TN, Come To Solutions

     Whether it’s from arthritis or a recent injury, knee pain will certainly interfere with your daily life; running, stairs and even walking can come to a halt until you can find relief. Regardless if your knee pain is behind/in back of the knee cap, on the medial/lateral side of the joint or just during certain movements, like bending, we treat the cause of the problem for the fastest symptom relief possible.

     All the treatments we recommend are minimally invasive, have no side effects and require virtually no down time. We use the latest regenerative medicine allograft injections, therapies and braces and have excellent results for patients with single or bilateral knee pain, swelling and severe arthritis.

We Understand Knee Pain

     Most chronic knee pain and arthritis sufferers in Tri Cities TN agree their lives have completely changed having to work around a failing joint, constantly searching for relief from sleeves, braces, the right diagnosis and best treatment. Pain on every step turns walking into limping; running (or any exercise involving legs) impossible for most, down stairs sideways and without hand rails dangerous and slow.

     Weakness and knee pain when bending, getting up (from sitting) and even difficulty sleeping because of pain behind the knee or in the knee cap at night; getting dressed, in and out of cars, going shopping and even daily chores – many simple daily tasks become arduous when every movement is painful and hesitant because of severe single or bilateral medial knee pain, swelling and arthritis.

Common Causes of Knee Pain

     Besides how much trouble knee pain causes to patients in their daily lives, there’s also the dilemma of treatment. Proper diagnosis of a knee pain condition is paramount to receiving the right bracing, best treatment and lasting relief. Sometimes this is a difficult task because there are numerous causes of single or bilateral knee pain.

1. Injuries

     Injuries are a common source of acute sprains, strains and tears and account for the most swelling in and around the joint. Injuries cause sudden pain and immediate loss of ability to walk, depending on the severity. Injuries are also one of the main causes of misalignment to the knee joint - another source of knee pain symptoms.

     Misalignments of the knee joint can cause pain behind the knee, under the knee cap, medial or lateral sides or even inside the knee and can be a predecessor for arthritis. Pain from knee misalignments can make bending, walking and sleeping at night very difficult and running impossible.


2. Neuritis

     Another common cause of single or bilateral knee pain is neuritis. Neuritis is a pinched nerve in the spine that causes pain elsewhere in the body. Neuritis can cause pain in the knee joint, behind the knee, pain under the knee cap or the medial and/or lateral sides of the knee. Neuritis pain affecting the knee joint can be confusing and relief difficult because it commonly mimics similar symptoms as arthritis or knee injury.

     A neuritis can cause pain in one knee or bilaterally when walking, bending, running or just trying to sleep at night, independent of movement. This cause of knee pain is also generally independent of swelling, unlike an injury. Unfortunately, neuritis causes problems with diagnosis and the best treatment as traditional medicine often overlooks the spine, and the patient may get braces, sleeves or even injections to an undeserving knee joint, with no relief in sight.


3. Old Arthur

     Perhaps one of the most common causes of knee pain, swelling and trouble bending the knees in Tri Cities TN is degenerative arthritis. Acute injuries are often a causative factor in eventual joint deterioration where scar tissue has previously developed. Scar tissue inside the knee or under the knee cap often leave the joint unbalanced leading to uneven wear and tear and eventually a diagnosis of osteoarthritis. Deterioration of the knee joint can cause pain under the knee cap, behind the knee or on the medial/lateral sides of the joint and is often bilateral.

     Many patients with degenerative knees in Tri Cities TN have pain when walking, going up/down stairs and running is not possible, however can also have symptoms at night. Unfortunately, treatment for arthritic knees is limited to medications, injections and braces that only offer temporary relief at best until the joints are bone on bone and require replacement surgery.


Knee Pain Treatment Options

Beware of Invasive Procedures

     Most traditional medical treatments in Tri Cities TN for knee pain may only provide temporary relief at best, however often leaves the joint in a weakened state for the future. Whether the knee pain symptoms are from a sudden injury or chronic arthritis (single knee or bilateral), most recommended treatment focuses on controlling swelling with conservative measures such as medication, therapy, sleeves and braces. If this doesn’t provide enough relief, steroid injections are also commonly recommended (despite the diagnosis).

     Depending on the severity of the injury, sometimes surgery is necessary to repair torn ligaments. Besides extreme circumstances, this is less often than how frequently it’s recommended. For example, a torn anterior cruciate ligament that interferes with walking, running, bending and gives pain at night most often requires surgical intervention, while most other tears (medial, lateral ligaments, pain behind the knee or under the knee cap), the body can generally heal on its own or with conservative treatment.


Steroids Cause Damage

     For chronic knee pain and degenerative arthritis, swelling is less of an issue yet bracing and therapy are still recommended and may help improve strength and provide support. Despite the deteriorating joint, steroid injections are often recommended treatment to help with single or bilateral knee pain symptoms. Unfortunately, the relief this treatment promises is quite inconsistent leaving many patients still suffering with walking, running, bending, using stairs and trouble sleeping from intense pain at night.

     Steroids are known to cause further degenerative damage and should rarely be used to avoid inching closer to bone on bone status with no other options other than surgery. Regardless of the best diagnosis and whether the knee pain is inside, medial, lateral, behind the knee, or under the knee cap, no treatments offered by traditional medicine cause the joint to regenerate or reverse osteoarthritis to avoid joint replacement surgery.

Our Solution For Knee Pain

    In Tri Cities TN, sufferers of medial knee pain from arthritis have new treatment options if they want more than just the temporary relief offered by traditional medicine steroid injections and surgery. The best answer is found in regenerative medicine treatments and non-invasive therapies found at Solutions Integrated Medicine in Elizabethton, TN. After careful diagnosis, we offer human cellular allograft injections and state of the art rehab for the treatment of arthritis and knee injuries. This therapy is minimally invasive, has no side effects, requires no down time and only temporary braces.


     For acute injuries, regenerative medicine works great to rapidly reduce inflammation and help the body repair any soft tissue tears or damage. For chronic arthritis and bone on bone degeneration in the knees, regenerative medicine is one of the best, most effective ways to improve joint space.

     Many patients with medial/lateral knee pain and swelling, pain behind the knee or under the knee cap have been able to find relief during the day and at night for a single knee or bilaterally and begin walking, bending and running with less or no pain after regenerative medicine treatment.


Next Level Care

     At Solutions Integrated Medicine, we are experts from several different healthcare disciplines – making an integrated team all focusing on the best diagnosis and treatment of knee pain from bursitis and arthritis in Tri Cities, TN. Using the absolute latest in regenerative medicine treatments, comprehensive rehab, chiropractic and advanced bracing techniques, we have excellent results with single or bilateral knee pain and severe bone on bone arthritis of the knee joints.

     Many of our patients have been able to avoid knee replacement surgery and no longer have trouble with pain at night, walking, bending and even running. We have also seen terrific positive results in acute knee injuries, including meniscus tears, pain behind the knee, under the knee cap or medial/lateral knee pain.


All the treatments we recommend at Solutions in Tri Cities TN are natural, minimally invasive, have no adverse effects and require no down time. If you have knee pain, and want to feel better NOW, Make your appointment here.

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