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Low Back Pain Tri Cities, TN.

Natural, effective relief for acute low back pain and severe radiculopathy patients

Real Solutions For Low Back Pain

     Around 80% of Americans experience lower back pain at some point during their lives, and the pain is often so severe it causes missed work. (1.) Back pain is the third most common reason for doctor’s visits (behind joint pain and skin disorders)(2.) At Solutions Integrated Medicine in Tri Cities, TN, we are highly experienced in the treatment of low back pain. Our team of providers offers innovative and customized treatments for lower back pain to help you get back to your regular activities and restore your quality of life.

     If you have mild or severe, low back pain at the beltline or on the left or right side, contact us first for the most accurate diagnosis and fastest path to relief. Call Solutions Integrated Medicine or make an appointment online today. If your low back pain is worsened from sitting, standing, walking or causing radiculopathy or you are in acute pain, call us immediately!


Crippling Low Back Pain & Radiculopathy

     The sharp pain from an acute pinched nerve in the low back is something that’s hard for most sufferers to forget. Whether it happened from lifting a heavy object or just from getting in a certain position, stabbing pain on the right or left side of the lumbar region is often debilitating. Pain from an acute disc can be paralyzing and may often include radiculopathy shooting electricity or burning pain into a limb.

     Most low back pain sufferers in Tri Cities TN have trouble sitting and getting up, but in severe cases standing, walking and even sleeping can also be greatly affected. Recurring and chronic low back pain cause many desperate sufferers seeking relief to be willing for invasive procedures and unnecessary treatment.

What Causes Low Back Pain?

     If you have severe pain in your back or radiculopathy limb pain that lasts longer than 48 hrs or consistently returns, you need to have it evaluated by an expert. Medical physicians commonly (and mistakenly) misdiagnose most low back pain as muscular in origin.

At Solutions in Tri Cities, TN, we have a combined treatment experience of 60+ years. We find the majority of severe low back pain cases originate from a pinched nerve caused by an intervertebral disc that has shifted/misaligned. Fewer cases are caused by something else (SI joint, left of right kidney, prostate, etc.), while the fewest cases being entirely muscular in origin. (3).

Relief for disc problems is often complicated by other spinal conditions including…

  • Muscle and soft tissue injuries
  • Herniated discs
  • Spondylolisthesis
  • Spinal stenosis
  • Scoliosis
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Compression fractures

Blame It On The Disc

     Since the majority of low back pain and radiculopathy cases tend to be a bulged or herniated disc, then the real question is what causes/contributes to spinal disc problems. For example, some low back pain is due to poor posture or other lifestyle factors that have all contributed to the weakened state of one (or several) discs. When the nucleus of the disc shifts left or right, the result is a pinched nerve and mild to severe pain. While it’s a physical misalignment that causes this, disc problems can occur from moving/lifting a heavy object or just sitting all day with poor posture.

Acute vs. Chronic Low Back Pain

     Relief for low back pain is often classified by the length of time you’ve had it – acute or chronic. Acute low back pain has a sudden, quick onset (often from an injury), but may only last from 3-5 days to 2-3 weeks. Sometimes the acute low back pain patient will have muscle spasms or may even have an antalgic posture (bent, unable to straighten completely without pain), but the pain level is always high and frequent.

     While there are several conditions that can cause severe acute lower back pain at the beltline, or right or left side, and/or radiculopathy, we find the majority to be bulged/herniated discs in the lumbar spine.


     Chronic low back pain is ongoing regular pain that lasts for months/years despite treatment. Lower back pain is also considered chronic if it is reoccurring over a long period of time. Radiculopathy is also common with chronic low back pain. These cases are disc related as well, however often complicated by other spinal conditions.

These include:

  • spondylosis (arthritis of the disc and facet joints)
  • osteoarthritis (degenerative disc disease)
  • spondylolisthesis/spondylolysis
  • compression fractures
  • surgery history
  • fibrous changes/calcification in surrounding muscular/ligamentous tissue on the right or left side.

Low Back Pain Treatment Options

Chasing Symptoms Often Ends In Surgery

     Typical medical treatment of medication and surgery doesn’t address the cause of the problem for most severe low back pain cases. A pinched nerve from a misalignment is not going to become physically realigned with any type of medicine. Anti-inflammatories may reduce the pain, however interfere with the healing process and cause damage to the stomach and kidneys. Steroids can sometimes provide the right symptom relief for months (sometimes not), however users are always left with an amount of permanent degeneration their joints.


     Spinal surgeries for treatment of low back pain or radiculopathy should be kept as an ultimate last resort. Failure rates for back surgeries are as high as 40% (lumbar laminectomies w/out fusion)(4.). Even successful lower back surgeries leave scar tissue that often becomes the seed for future severe arthritic deterioration. Tri Cities, TN patients who undergo further surgeries have much higher chances for failure. One study found only 30% of second back surgeries were considered successful, and the percentage drops drastically the more you have.(5.)


The Answer Is Much Simpler

     The best way to get relief and treat a pinched nerve is to un-pinch it. This requires a change in the shape of the disc that’s causing the pinch. This can be accomplished by manipulating the spinal bones to re-center the nucleus of the disc and is the very premise of chiropractic. This is why if you have either acute or chronic low back pain, right or left sided beltline pain or radiculopathy, the best doctor to see first is the chiropractor. Chiropractors are the only healthcare professionals whose entire focus and training is on treating low back pain with spinal manipulation.

     For acute low back pain at the beltline, right or left sided pain or severe radiculopathy, chiropractic addresses the cause of the problem. Alignments to re-center the nucleus of a bulged or herniated disc take immediate pressure off a pinched nerve and begin reducing inflammation naturally.

     For recurring or long-standing low back pain, chiropractic treatment slows and stops further degeneration, improves flexibility helps manage chronic pain. Chiropractic helps low back pain patients with difficulty sitting, walking and standing and is the best way to treat and correct structural problems that lead to more wear and tear.

Our Solution For Low Back Pain

     At Solutions Integrated Medicine, we are fully equipped and very good at getting patients relief with both acute and chronic low back pain. Our focus on disc problems puts us on high alert for the fastest ways to get either type of low back pain to respond. We have much experience with the most severe cases including radiculopathy when sitting, walking or standing. Regardless of how long you’ve been suffering with low back pain on the left or right side, we always perform all the necessary tests, exams and x-rays, so our diagnosis and treatment is precise.

Next Level Care

     Low back pain treatment programs are put together by our integrated team of nurses, doctors of chiropractic and rehab specialists. Whether you have pain when sitting, walking, standing or at night, our Tri Cities TN low back pain relief center will recommend the best course of action so you can get the relief you need fast. While nearly all of the severe low back pain and radiculopathy cases respond well with the chiropractic we offer, we also frequently recommend other adjunctive modalities for synergistic results.

Our most successful low back pain treatment programs include:

  • Gonstead Chiropractic care
  • Comprehensive Rehabilitation
  • State of the art Regenerative medicine
  • Trigger point injections
  • Custom Orthotics
  • Functional Bracing/back brace

All the treatments we recommend are natural, minimally invasive, have no adverse effects and require no down time. If you live in Tri Cities TN, have low back pain on the right or left side or severe radiculopathy, and want to feel better NOW, Make your appointment here.

Low Back Pain Success Stories

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