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Neck Pain

Learn how thousands of Tri-Cities TN patients are getting much needed relief from their neck pain at Solutions....

Real Neck Pain Relief In Tri Cities, TN

    At Solutions, we are very familiar with how severe neck pain or chronic arthritis in your neck can ruin your life. If you have stiffness in the muscles of your neck or have a diagnosis of degenerative arthritis, there is a very high chance you will find relief at our clinic. We are very experienced with pinched nerves and disc problems that cause pain in the right or left side of the neck and also pain that comes from behind the ear and down the neck.

     If you have pain, stiff muscles or hear cracking in your neck, please make an appointment for an evaluation. Our integrated team of doctors, nurses and therapists will evaluate your symptoms and recommend the best treatment plan for the fastest relief possible. 


The Neck Pain Relief Saga...

    Most everyone has experienced the severe, stabbing pain from a ‘crick’ in the neck or suffered with achy, stiff muscles in the neck after a fender bender. Rarely does the pain from these injuries last longer than five or ten days. However, many neck pain patients only get temporary relief and suffer recurrences of symptoms because they never received a correct diagnosis so they missed out on the best treatment. 

    Eventually, many Tri Cities TN patients begin to suffer with regular neck pain and then other symptoms like stiffness in the right or left side, popping/cracking, pain behind the ear, pain, numbness or weakness in the arms or hands or even headaches. Uncorrected chiropractic problems in the neck are a common cause of chronic pain from degenerative arthritis of the cervical spine.  

Common Causes of Neck Pain

    The most common causes of neck pain are musculoskeletal, dealing with the alignment of spinal vertebrae, discs, ligaments, nerves and muscles. This is why chiropractic is one of the best places to start for the fastest relief and the most correct diagnosis and treatment. When one of the vertebrae in your neck misalign, it causes the nucleus of the disc to shift and bulge its material into a nerve root. This is called a bulged or herniated disc; these cause pinched nerves and are an extremely common source of neck pain.

     Disc problems from misalignments can occur at any spinal level, so they account for most complaints of pain in the left or right side, pain traveling down from behind the ear or severely stiff muscles in the neck. Warning! If proper treatment is neglected, acute symptoms often eventually become the chronic pain of degenerative arthritis. (1). 


Worse Case Scenario

In the worst herniated disc cases, patients also suffer with other symptoms including: 

  • Radiating pain into the shoulder, arm or hand 
  • Weakness of the arm or hand 
  • Numbness in the fingers, hand or arm 
  • Severe headaches or migraines  

    To get relief from a severe pinched nerve caused by a misalignment in the neck requires a physical re-alignment. If this does not occur, the disc will begin to wear unevenly and deteriorate. This is the beginning of degenerative arthritis, the cause of much stiffness and chronic pain in the neck. As osteoarthritis progresses, the discs get thinner, spurs grow and cause reduced range of motion, stiff muscles and chronic pain.

    Patients diagnosed with degenerative arthritis often complain of one sided pain (on the right or left) and cracking noises when they move their neck. Degenerative arthritis in the upper cervical spine often cause reduced motion when turning and also pain behind the ear that radiates down the neck. 

Neck Pain Treatment Options


Covering Up Symptoms May Lead To Surgery

    Unfortunately, many Tri Cities TN neck pain patients are given the wrong diagnosis and so never receive the correct treatment. Traditional medicine often focuses on temporary symptom relief by reducing inflammation rather than correcting misalignments that cause the pinched nerves creating the pain. Therapy is another conservative approach however may only loosen stiff muscles but does nothing for improving alignment or changing chronic degenerative arthritis. 

    In severe cases, when medication or therapy fails to provide relief, orthopedic surgery may be recommended. Unfortunately, surgery also does not improve alignment and leaves the neck weakened with scar tissue and possibly worsened pain. Neck surgery should never be considered until ALL chiropractic and the best conservative measures have failed.     

The Natural and Safest Option....

    The best treatment for acute and chronic neck pain is a chiropractic alignment. This procedure is an effort to help both the structure of the spine and take pressure off pinched nerves so the body can heal. 

Chiropractic offers numerous benefits for neck pain sufferers including… 

  • Fast relief for acute symptoms 
  • Improved range of motion for stiffness 
  • Relaxation of muscles in the neck and shoulders  
  • Non-invasive, painless treatment 
  • Natural, healthy management of chronic pain  
  • Slows progression of degenerative arthritis  

    For chronic neck pain from arthritis, chiropractic can be very important for pain management and the best long-term option. Realignments to the spinal vertebrae improve flexibility of stiff, arthritis joints and slow the progression of degeneration in the neck. In most cases, specific rehab/physical therapy is also recommended treatment to strengthen the muscles and ligaments in the neck. 

Exciting New Options For Tri Cities TN Neck Pain Sufferers In Regenerative Medicine

    While chiropractic does a great job at slowing osteoarthritis in the neck, regenerative medicine is the best treatment for helping the body heal the stiff, degenerative joints. Using Human tissue allograft injections into the muscles of the neck, even severely arthritic spinal joints show less inflammation, pain relief and improved range of motion. 

    The best results for degenerative arthritis in the neck are seen when combining both chiropractic and regenerative medicine together. This combination works extremely well for both acute and chronic neck pain symptoms including either right or left side pain, neck pain behind the ear and even radiating pain down the arm. 


Our Solution For Neck Pain Relief

     At Solutions in Tri Cities TN, we have an excellent track record for treatment of severe acute and chronic neck pain. When you’re looking for relief from neck pain, you need a doctor you can trust for the right diagnosis and best treatment possible. Our doctors of chiropractic have more than 60 years of combined experience; we are extremely precise and experts with delivering the safest, most gentle adjustments for patients with stiff, painful necks.

We are the only medical clinic in Elizabethton and Tri-Cities, TN to also offer regenerative medicine for our patients with degenerative arthritis in the neck. For many cases, we also recommend a comprehensive rehab program to strengthen the muscles and ligaments in the neck to help combat stiffness and prevent recurrences of symptoms. 


All the treatments we recommend at our Tri Cities TN clinic are drug-free, minimally invasive, have no adverse effects and require no down time. If you have neck pain, make an appointment now. Make your appointment here.