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Shoulder Pain Tri Cities, TN

Exciting new options offering natural relief for Tri Cities sufferers of shoulder pain, rotator cuff problems and frozen shoulders.

Shoulder Pain Relief in Tri Cities, TN.

     At Solutions Integrated Medicine, we have much success with treating shoulder problems. Whether you have chronic shoulder pain or a recent injury, we have much experience and use advanced tools for precision diagnosis and the latest treatments. All of our treatments for shoulder joint problems are natural and many of our patients have been able to avoid shoulder surgery.

     If you have recently injured your shoulder, Solutions is the place to come so you can feel better and get to the root of your problem as quickly as possible. We have great results with tendonitis, frozen shoulders, sprains/strains and even torn rotator cuffs. If you have suffered with unbearable shoulder pain for too long, contact us immediately for a full evaluation about shoulder pain treatment in Tri Cities TN to start feeling better now.


Is A Sore Shoulder Ruining Your Life?


     There’s no question as to how crippling shoulder pain can be. It’s easy to take for granted how many movements are controlled by your shoulders. This becomes painfully aware when you strain your shoulder and normal life tasks suddenly include sharp pain, time wasting chores you immediately either need help with or can’t do at all because of constant burning in your shoulder joint.

     Most seem to get used to the regular soreness and frequent dull ache of a bad shoulder, but it’s the unbearable jolts of torn rotator cuff pain when reaching into a cupboard, washing your hair or putting on a shirt that sends many extreme cases to seek help. Despite all the added difficulty during the day, night time is often much worse for most frozen shoulder and tendonitis victims! Many patients in Tri Cities TN complain of worsened shoulder pain and problems when pulling on covers or changing positions and have regular interference with sleep.

Hard To Diagnose & Treat

     Besides all the pain and physical difficulties, the next concern is treatment/therapy choice. The shoulder joint is quite complex and sometimes diagnosis can be elusive; misdiagnosis is common, sometimes regardless of advanced imaging and expert advice. The wrong diagnosis can create the wrong treatment, producing either no pain relief or even potential harm (depending on how invasive the measure).

     One reason many shoulder problems in Tri Cities TN are misdiagnosed is because the practitioner failed to rule out the spine. This is also quite common with obvious shoulder conditions such as tendonitis, torn rotator cuff muscles and even frozen shoulders. Pinched nerves in the mid-upper thoracic and cervical spine can cause symptoms many patients describe as ‘shoulder pain’. Irritated nerve roots also cause neuritis and referred pain into the shoulder joint and/or surrounding areas, commonly mimicking organic shoulder problems including sprains/strains.


MRI Concerns...

     Regardless of whether it’s acute or chronic, sharp, burning pain or a dull ache, locating the cause of the problem is paramount to receiving proper treatment. Like many other conditions, shoulder pain from strains or a torn rotator cuff are generally diagnosed with a series of tests. These may include functional testing like range of motion, orthopedic and muscle strength. For the most complete diagnosis of shoulder pain, different types of imaging can also be important.

     While x-rays are best for viewing joint deterioration and alignment, MRI is the best imaging for diagnosis of muscular, ligamentous/torn rotator cuff. Despite this, sometimes MRI presents another complication for diagnosis… many patients with previous injuries in their shoulders or chronic tendonitis will still show positive MRI findings, despite having no symptoms and already had therapy. Frozen shoulders are best diagnosed with physical testing.

Shoulder Pain Treatment Options

Patience Is a Must

     Traditional medical treatment for shoulder problems in Tri Cities TN often begins conservatively with anti-inflammatories and/or physical therapy. Sometimes results from therapy can be hit or miss – particularly if the diagnosis is incorrect – rehabilitating a shoulder joint is pointless if the pain is coming from a pinched nerve in the spine. Therapy results can also vary depending on how severe the injury is. Mild to moderate ligament sprains and/or muscular strains should respond well to therapy, however can sometimes take months of diligent work. Frozen shoulders and extreme chronic tendonitis can also take a long time for lasting relief.



    If there is torn soft tissue inside the shoulder, physical therapy may work but only if the tear is very small and this can also take a very long time. For larger torn rotator cuff tears that require surgery to fix, therapy may not produce any result and can even make the condition worse. Other typical medical treatments for shoulder problems may include pain medication and/or steroids taken orally or injected directly into/around the joint. Physical therapy for frozen shoulders is a must and is the best primary treatment for this condition.

Shoulder Surgery Gamble

     If conservative treatment doesn’t produce the desired result, the next step is usually surgery. While the most common is arthroscopic, the type of surgery will vary depending on what the surgeon thinks needs to be done. Sometimes this may include cleaning out debris/scar tissue, repairing a torn rotator cuff muscle or removal of an osteophytic spur. Unfortunately, many shoulder surgeries also seem to be hit or miss, with many patients either having no result or a worsening of symptoms afterwards.

     Even if successful (symptomatically), all shoulder surgeries cause scar tissue, leaving the joint in a weakened state and more prone to either future injuries and/or setting up the beginning of arthritic degeneration or becoming frozen. These are reasons (plus further risks of infection & surgical complications) why surgery should be a last resort or until the pain is unbearable.


Stay Conservative As Long As Possible

     There are many Tri Cities TN patients who present with both organic problems in their shoulders (ex, torn rotator cuff or problems with the actual joint) and pinched nerves in their back/neck. Cases where the pinched nerve problem is the primary cause of the burning, sharp or constant dull, achy pain are commonly misdiagnosed by traditional medicine.

     Unfortunately, this scenario often creates patients who get medical treatment (including surgery) on joints that either don’t need it or may have responded with less invasive therapy. When seeking relief for a bad sore shoulder, including a good chiropractor in your team of treating physicians is smart so they can diagnose and treat pinched nerve issues or rule out any potential spinal involvement.

Traditional Shoulder Pain Treatment Options

  • NSAIDs
  • Steroids
  • Physical therapy
  • Surgery

Alternative Shoulder Pain Treatment Options

  • Regen Med
  • Chiropractic care
  • Comprehensive Rehab
  • Nutritional Support

New, Effective Conservative Options

     Regardless of whether conservative therapy or invasive surgery was recommended, no traditional medical treatment for shoulder problems cause the joint to regenerate. For acute injuries (rotator cuff strains or partially torn), regenerative medicine helps greatly by reducing inflammation and but also promotes healing of damaged tissues. For chronic problems such as degenerative arthritis in the shoulders, regenerative medicine is well known for combatting deterioration by filling tissue voids and improving joint space.

     For torn rotator cuff problems, regenerative medicine is an excellent therapy choice, however only for partial tears. Chronic tendonitis of the shoulder also responds very well from not only inflammation reduction but also help for healing of damaged tissue. At Solutions in Tri Cities TN, many frozen shoulder sufferers find great relief when combining regenerative therapy plus focused rehabilitation.


Come To Solutions Integrated Medicine


     Solutions Integrated Medicine is one of the best places to come whether you have chronic shoulder pain or a recent injury. Our medical providers are highly experienced to properly diagnose the condition and distinguish between pain from a pinched nerve and an actual shoulder problem. We are also very familiar and get excellent results with partially torn rotator cuff, tendonitis and frozen shoulders. Our Tri Cities TN bursitis and frozen shoulder treatment programs often consist of a combination of natural treatments designed to relieve pain, help the joint heal and optimize function.

     Depending on the case, we may recommend regenerative medicine to help revive the joint or help the body repair torn soft tissue. In nearly every shoulder pain case, rehabilitation therapy is a must for balancing and strengthening the soft tissue structures while the joint is recovering. Sometimes chiropractic is recommended to reduce structural and nervous system interference that can otherwise limit or lengthen recovery time. Our medical team’s integrative approach and cutting edge treatments have helped many chronic shoulder pain patients with pain relief, regain function and avoid surgery.

All the treatments we recommend at Solutions Tri Cities TN are natural, minimally invasive, have no adverse effects and require no down time. If you have shoulder pain, torn rotator cuff, tendonitis or frozen shoulder and want to feel better NOW, Make your appointment here.

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