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Orthotic Shoe Inserts

Custom insoles add arch support for over pronation, flat feet and plantar fasciitis for patients in Tri Cities, TN

Why Custom Arch Supports?

     It is estimated approximately 99% of the population has some degree of overpronation of their feet. (1.) For many people, flat feet eventually cause misalignments and problems in other joints, including the knees and lower back. Fortunately, custom orthotic shoe inserts are the best treatment for over pronation, providing good structural support for the arch of the foot. Many patients get much pain relief in their back, knees and feet by simply using the insoles we recommend in Tri Cities TN.

    At Solutions, we find overpronation as a major contributory factor in nearly all of the severe low back pain, knee pain and foot pain cases we treat. This is why we perform a foot scan as part of our initial evaluation on every patient. We recommend Foot Levelers custom orthotic insole shoe inserts for Tri Cities TN patients with flat feet, plantar fasciitis and many other conditions. To find out if good arch supports are the best thing for you, contact us.


Your Feet are the Foundation

     The arches in your feet are the foundation for the rest of your body. The purpose for the arches in the foot is to distribute the weight of the body across the foot, diminishing the impact on the rest of the frame during movement. The joints form a type of kinetic chain, greatly affected with a change in foundation. For example, when the foot arches fall (as in flat feet or over pronation), it can affect the alignment of all the other joints.

     This is how an imbalance in the feet can contribute to knee pain, hip pain, back pain, even shoulder pain, neck pain and headaches. There are many patients who get relief from these conditions simply by using custom made foot leveler orthotic shoe inserts. This is because the new insoles not only gave support for the arch but also created a more level foundation. This also helps relieve pain for plantar fasciitis patients in Tri Cities, TN.

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When To Use Orthotic Shoe Inserts

     When someone loses the arch in their feet, it makes sense they might have some resulting foot pain or symptoms, however this is not as common as you might think. Except for plantar fasciitis, most over pronation problems go undetected because the feet themselves are rarely painful, yet the dropped arch silently contributes to many other conditions. For example, A 2017 Study showed foot levelers orthotics shoe inserts significantly reduced low back pain by 35%. (1.)

     Foot levelers are the best custom orthotic insoles designed to help balance and support the feet, which in turn help balance and support the spine and the entire kinetic chain. This brand of shoe inserts are a research-proven solution for plantar fasciitis, low back pain, ankle sprains/ankle instability, knee pain, and many other musculoskeletal conditions. (2.)

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Custom Foot Support Tri Cities TN

     While there are many different shoe inserts available, all insoles will not work the same (and may not work at all). This is because your feet are unique and have different needs that a one size fits all insert will not be able to meet. There are three arches in the foot and over pronation can affect any or all of them for either or both feet; not everyone is missing the same arches. This is why the best approach is for shoe inserts to be custom fitted to address an individual’s needs. Foot Leveler’s orthotics are produced from a 3D high-tech scanner that measures the missing contours of flat feet and also how much pressure and balance is being exerted by each foot. The scan is then used to create a custom orthotic for each individual.

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Best Orthotics in Tri Cities TN

     At Solutions Integrated Medicine, we are a joint pain center that treats a wide variety of different musculoskeletal conditions. From rotator cuff tears to back pain to plantar fasciitis, it’s rare when we don’t recommend foot leveler’s orthotic shoe inserts and insoles. This is because setting a good foundation with the best arch supports is essential when trying to change other aspects of the body’s structure. Regardless of the patient’s condition, in most cases a foot scan is a top priority and definitely helps us determine and address the cause of their problem.

     The great news is a foot scan only takes a few minutes and we are happy to go over the results with you to determine if a Foot Leveler’s custom orthotic shoe insert might help. As the degenerative results of over pronation and flat feet can be cumulative and may not always alert the patient with symptoms right away, we encourage everyone to get their feet scanned.