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More than 14.6 million people live with severe joint pain, although millions more have less severe joint pain. If you’re one of them and are looking for relief, contact Solutions Integrated Medicine in Elizabethton, Tennessee. The expert team of providers offer expert diagnosis and customized treatment plans to relieve your pain and restore your quality of life. Call or make an appointment online today for innovative treatments for joint pain.

Joint Pain

What causes joint pain?

Arthritis is the most common cause of joint pain. However, arthritis is actually a collection of diseases that cause inflammation and pain in your joints. Osteoarthritis, the degenerative form of the disease, develops when the cartilage in your joints wears away. It’s also the most prevalent type of arthritis. Other common types of arthritis include rheumatoid arthritis and gout. 

In addition to arthritis, some several other injuries and conditions cause joint pain, including:

  • Bursitis
  • Tendinitis
  • Lupus
  • Overuse of the joint
  • Injuries like ligament tears
  • Osteoporosis
  • Fibromyalgia

Joint pain usually becomes more severe and disruptive with time. If you have joint pain, make an appointment at Solutions Integrated Medicine now to start treatment early.

How is the cause of joint pain diagnosed?

The team at Solutions Integrated Medicine provides comprehensive consultations and exams to identify the condition causing your joint pain. Your provider talks to you in detail about your symptoms, overall health, and lifestyle. They may guide you through some movements and stretches to assess your pain levels and range of motion. 

In some cases, they may order imaging tests such as X-rays and MRIs to gather more information about your painful joint. 

How is joint pain treated?

When the cause of your joint pain is identified, your provider creates a customized treatment plan, including innovative pain-relieving treatments. Some of the available treatment options include:

  • Chiropractic care
  • Rehabilitation
  • Regenerative medicine 

Your provider may also help you make lifestyle adjustments such as losing weight or changing your exercise habits to help reduce the pressure on your joints as well as your risk of future injuries. 

Can I prevent joint pain?

While some of the conditions that cause joint pain are genetic, you can't change your family medical history. However, by taking care of your body, you reduce many of the risk factors associated with joint pain. 

For example, maintaining a healthy body weight reduces the pressure on your joints while regular exercise keeps the muscles that surround your joints healthy and supportive. Additionally, if you are active or play sports, make sure to use appropriate safety gear and always warm up and cool down correctly.

Call Solutions Integrated Medicine or make an appointment online today if joint pain is interfering with your life.