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Are you suffering from neck pain? There are several reasons why you may be experiencing it -- including your posture, neck strain from working, or injury from an accident -- but Solutions Integrated Medicine can help. Servicing clients in Elizabethton, Tennessee and the surrounding areas, they specialize in treating the whole body to achieve overall results. Getting the correct treatment can make a difference, so call Solutions Integrated Medicine or book your appointment online today!

Neck Pain Q & A

Why am I experiencing neck pain?

Neck pain can be tricky, as it can be an underlying issue to something bigger. You may have a soft tissue sprain, have slept in the wrong position, or carried an item incorrectly.

Based on your assessment, several techniques can be used to relieve your neck pain, including massage or neck cracking.

Is this neck pain causing my headaches?

In many cases, yes. Neck pain is associated with the spine, which could require a different type of treatment based on the evaluation.

There are many ways to alleviate some of the pain while you are seeking medical attention. For example, you should drink more water and use hot/cold compresses.

How can a chiropractor help with my condition?

Chiropractors specialize in treating bodily ailments, including neck pain. They can pinpoint what's going on then recommend a treatment plan that helps get rid of the pain quickly and heal the body.

What should I expect from the chiropractor?

From the initial visit, there are a series of forms that you have to complete, and that includes sharing your medical history and ailment. The chiropractor will then discuss your issue, possibly order a series of X-rays, diagnose your problem, and speak with you about a treatment regimen.

How soon after seeing the chiropractor will my neck stop hurting?

It depends on how serious your injury is. If you're experiencing a stiff neck, an adjustment may be a quick solution. If you have soft tissue damage, your treatment will be more in-depth, allowing the neck to heal over time. Deep tissue injuries could take up to three months to heal.

In the case of a strained neck muscle, healing may take up to six weeks. More extensive neck injuries could take longer. It depends on how quickly your body responds to treatment.