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Rehabilitation Services

Our comprehensive rehab program leaves patients stronger and more balanced than before

Best Physical Therapy & Active Rehabilitation in Elizabethton, TN

     When recovering from an injury, choosing the right therapy can make all the difference in your results – in how quickly and how completely you heal. At Solutions Integrated Medicine, we offer the latest, state of the art rehab techniques supervised by our team of extremely skilled therapists and medical staff. Our rehabilitation physical therapy programs have changed many Tri Cities patients lives helping them regain their balance and become more functional and independent.

     If you have been injured and want the most complete recovery possible, google ‘Solutions Integrated Medicine near me’ to visit one of our closest locations. You will be amazed at how thorough our evaluation and how much stronger and better you’ll feel after each session. Find out if rehab will help you by scheduling a functional evaluation with Solutions in Elizabethton, TN here.


Benefits of Physical Therapy

     Physical therapy provides a great help for both acute and chronic conditions. It can also be vital in fully recovering from certain injuries and medical procedures. The right therapy or active rehabilitation can help reduce scar tissue and is an important part of restoring normal function after an injury or surgery. For an acute injury, therapy can also be beneficial for reducing pain and inflammation and frequently recommended as a least invasive, best place to start for many conditions.

     Perhaps the greatest benefit from physical therapy is during recovery after a surgery, injury or stroke. Active rehabilitation can be extremely important when the body is producing scar tissue and can make all the difference in how functional the end result will be. Physical therapy is also best used for helping many chronic soft tissue musculoskeletal conditions by improving strength, flexibility and balance in the ligaments, muscles and supportive structures.


Physical Therapy Advantages

  • Non-drug
  • Acute & chronic conditions
  • Reduces pain & inflammation
  • Improves function
  • Improves balance
  • Improves strength
  • Improves flexibility

Active vs. Passive Therapy

     For musculoskeletal injuries and conditions, there are basically two types of physical therapy – active and passive. Both are effective depending on how and when they’re used. Active physical therapy is a type of physical training program that may include stretches, exercises and functional tasks. The goal is to help rehabilitate, strengthen and restore balance after an injury. It’s also extremely helpful when recovering from surgeries and helping manage chronic diseases and conditions.

     Passive physical therapy consists of modalities and do not require active movement by the patient. Examples are ultrasound, electric stim, ice and massage to name a few. When used at the right time (most effective in acute cases), these therapies can be helpful but rarely make much lasting difference. Comparatively, active physical therapy does more for the body and should be prioritized whenever possible for the best results.


What to Look for In the Best Physical Therapy

     While physical therapy is natural and non-invasive, it’s often a great place to start for many conditions. However its effectiveness is highly dependent on how/when it’s performed and a correct diagnosis. Many patients complain physical therapy either didn’t help or only helped while they were actively going. In many cases this is because they were mis-diagnosed and rehabilitation wasn’t the best treatment for their condition. Most herniated discs for example, must be physically realigned with chiropractic care for the best result. Physical therapy alone (as the primary treatment) is often unsuccessful if not exacerbating.

     Another common concern with some therapy programs is not getting complete enough therapy. Many rehabilitation courses are based in traditional medicine’s ‘non-wholistic’ approach that separates the body into sections/organ systems for treatment and diagnosis. Active physical therapy programs that only focus only on the body part being treated tend to produce less functional results because they miss all the secondary compensations that occur elsewhere in the body.

Come to Solutions for Physical Rehabilitation That Makes a Difference

     If recovering from an injury as completely and quickly as possible is important to you, get your active physical therapy done at Solutions Integrated Medicine! For recuperative therapy for joint injuries, spinal instability and joint regeneration programs, our rehab staff is highly trained and laser focused on getting results. Unlike most traditional physical therapy, we offer a comprehensive rehabilitation program that takes into account the patient’s entire structure. All our active rehab programs are tailored to each individual patient’s needs including posture, structural alignment and best type of therapy for their particular condition.

     At Solutions, our rehab staff are experts in helping patients recover from their injuries and leave stronger and more balanced than before. Our comprehensive rehab course is the perfect adjunct for all chiropractic spinal care patients to solidify structural changes and prevent re-injury. For regenerative medicine patients wanting to improve joint space and avoid replacement surgery, the physical therapy we offer at Solutions is nearly essential for ensuring the end result is strong and functional.