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If you have an injury, rehab at Solutions Integrated Medicine can help you heal faster and more effectively. The team is proud to offer rehab to patients in Elizabethton and the Tri-Cities area of Tennessee. If you’re interested in rehab, please contact Solutions Integrated Medicine today by calling or booking an appointment online.


What is rehab?

Rehabilitation, or rehab, is a treatment option that’s usually recommended if you have injuries, or need to build strength in weaker areas of your body. The goal of rehab is to strengthen these areas to not only aid in the healing process, but also add stability to that part of your body.

When is rehab beneficial?

Rehab can be beneficial for almost any patient who has an injury. Some injuries that may improve with rehab include:

  • Tendon injuries
  • Damaged cartilage
  • Bursitis
  • Pulled muscles
  • Broken bones
  • Herniated discs
  • Whiplash

Rehab may also help you if you simply want to become stronger, improve your mobility, or build stamina.

Is rehab safe?

If you do exercises that are too intense during rehab, or if you do your assigned exercises improperly, you may be at risk of new or worsened injuries. However, the risk of complications from rehab is low, especially when you trust an experienced clinic like Solutions Integrated Medicine with your care. Our team will teach you how to do exercises safely so you won’t injure yourself.

How often are sessions necessary?

Every patient is unique, and the frequency of sessions will vary based on your needs. The doctors will tell you how often you need to attend rehab sessions to get the results you want.

How long does it take to recover in rehab?

The amount of time it will take for you to recover from your injuries completely will depend on several factors. This includes the type of injury you have, the severity, your physical condition, and more. The doctors will tell you how long you should expect to be in rehab before you can return to your normal activities.

What can patients do to improve the results of rehab?

To improve the results of rehab, be sure to follow all of the doctors instructions carefully. You can also speed the healing process by doing all of your recommended at-home exercises, avoiding activities that put too much stress on the injured area, and eating a healthy, balanced diet.