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Responsible Pain Management Tri Cities TN

Effective, natural pain management & alternative solutions for chronic joint problems

Natural, Effective Pain Management

     When you have chronic spine and joint problems, a non-medical approach to treatment is the safest alternative. At Solutions Integrated Medicine in Tri Cities TN, we offer many advanced therapies that are natural and extremely effective for providing relief from severe, intractable pain conditions that may require long term management.

     The doctors and rehab specialists at our comprehensive regenerative medicine center use the latest interventional techniques and treatment programs that are individually tailored for each patient. This offers pain management patients the best chance of getting relief without concern of addiction or dangerous side effects.


Safer & Healthier Alternatives

     By now, just about everyone is aware of the opioid crisis in our country. Besides the extremely addictive qualities and overdose rates, one of the most disturbing facts of these drugs is their source… these problems usually start from a prescription written by a patient’s medical doctor.

     Perhaps even more disturbing… despite the crisis and awareness of the problem, opioids are still being prescribed for chronic pain. The fact is there are many alternatives (medical and non-medical) that are/can be equally as effective, but yet opioids are still being given to patients. This is irresponsible and for some reason prescribers are yet to be fingered for blame.

Natural Pain Reduction - Relief With a Purpose

     One of the first things to look at in keeping pain management responsible is a consideration of all possible avenues for helping a patient. This may include the doctor revisiting the initial diagnosis to make sure it was correct. Incorrect diagnosis leads to incorrect treatment and creates chronic conditions.

     It also includes considering all alternatives other than just traditional medical approaches to come up with the best solution with the least possible side effects. Pain management centers are often solely focused on certain medicines or surgical procedures and patients still end up on addictive drugs when they don’t work.


     At Solutions in Tri Cities TN, we are an integrated clinic and offer numerous non-medical, natural interventional methods that are extremely effective for patients suffering with intractable or chronic pain that their medical doctor has not suggested. For example, one of the best treatments we offer for back, neck and joint problems is advanced regenerative healthcare.

Non-Medical Pain Management at Solutions

     Besides natural help, the treatments we offer at our Tri Cities TN clinic are designed to address the cause of the patient’s problem, not just cover up symptoms. As an integrated clinic, we have doctors and non-medical specialists from several different disciplines of healthcare, all with much experience in the treatment of both chronic and acute pain from joint problems. We offer the best array of alternative solutions for natural relief and management of chronic pain including…

For the Best Comprehensive, Natural Pain Management

     You don’t have to worry about being prescribed anything addictive when you come to Solutions for pain management. We are an integrated team of both medical and non medical providers that will recommend the most advanced and effective natural plan of action possible. Besides just pain management, all the treatments we offer are designed to address the cause of the patient’s problem and using only safe, least invasive, non-medical, non-addictive procedures and therapies.

     The doctors, nurses and therapists at Solutions in Tri Cities, TN have focused their careers on helping joint pain patients find relief, avoid surgery and optimize function. If you have intractable pain that requires on-going management, the team at Solutions are specialists you will want on your side.