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Trigger Point Injection Therapy

Rid your body of Trigger Points for fast pain relief and new muscular balance

State of the Art Treatment

     When the muscles in your back and neck are tight or have spasms, trigger points may be to blame. Myofascial pain cycles can ruin your life when they won’t respond to massage therapy or a good foam roller. At Solutions we recommend a state of the art procedure called trigger point injections that’s extremely effective for releasing the pressure, spasms and pain in the neck, upper or lower back quickly.

     Trigger points are tiny muscle spasms that have become trapped by adhesions and scar tissue. They can often be found as palpable knots in the muscles of the neck, upper and lower back and are a common source of myofascial pain. The pain caused by trigger points is usually severe, sharp and constant until they’re worked out with a foam roller, some type of massage therapy or an injection.


Trigger Point Spasms can cause...

  • headaches
  • sharp shooting pain
  • radiating pain
  • painful breathing
  • loss of sleep
  • reduced concentration during the day

     If pressure isn’t released soon, trigger points can contribute to major imbalances in the muscles, eventually leading to postural problems and joint issues. When these tiny spasms become chronic, massage often only helps manage the pain and chiropractic treatment may be prolonged and less comfortable to receive.

Trigger Point Injection Therapy

     For the fastest and most complete reduction of trigger points, an injection must be given.  Trigger point injections help muscles relax and break up scar tissue. This helps balance the soft tissues and takes uneven pressure off the skeleton, making it easier for the chiropractor to make structural changes to a patient’s neck, upper and lower back. If you’re undergoing rehab, trigger point injections also make therapy exercises more comfortable to perform as well as more effective; rehab works better when the muscles are more balanced.

Benefits of TPI Therapy

  • Helps muscles relax
  • Stops muscle spasms
  • Breaks up scar tissue
  • Dissolves trigger points
  • Improves chiropractic & rehab results

     While chronic trigger points may take numerous treatments with massage therapy and virtually unresponsive to a foam roller, injections often release the pressure and provide relief immediately. Patients with myofascial pain syndromes in the neck, upper or lower back are smart to include trigger point injections as part of their therapy regimen.


We Have The Solution

     At Solutions, we use trigger point injections to help patients feel better faster and get more out of their chiropractic care. We recommend this treatment for many of our rehab and regenerative medicine patients to help correct imbalances. The injections we offer are extremely precise and effective; many of our trigger point patients no long need their foam roller or massage therapy.

Whether you suffer from a chronic myofascial pain syndrome or an acute muscle spasm in your neck, upper or lower back, come to Solutions for fast and complete relief. The trigger point injections we offer use natural ingredients and are excellent for releasing the pressure and pain quickly. If you have trigger points, imbalances or spasms in the neck, upper or lower back or the muscles of your extremities, make an appointment today to find out if trigger point injections will help. Contact us now for questions or help here. To make your appointment now, click here.