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Wound Care

Regenerative medicine with Advanced Biologics gives Tri Cities TN wound care patients the healing advantage they need.

Progressive Wound Care

     A slow healing wound on a foot or lower leg starts off as an inconvenient nuisance, but can soon become a life threatening issue if mismanaged. Waiting too long for proper treatment increases the risk of infection that can result in hospital stays, amputation and even death. Solutions Integrated Medicine is a wound care center that Tri Cities TN patients can be confident in both results and getting the care they need fast.

     If you have a wound that’s taking longer than a month to heal, you may highly benefit from regenerative healthcare at Solutions. We are offering this new medical breakthrough at our state of the art facility in Elizabethton, TN. If you’re suffering with diabetic foot sores or have a slow,  non healing open wound, contact us for help with dressing, debridement and the most effective wound care treatment available.


Solutions wound care center Tri Cities TN is now open and taking new patients. Call (423) 542-2913 to schedule or make your appointment online....

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How Do I Know If I Need Wound Care?

     By definition, a wound is considered slow healing if it has not progressed significantly in 28-30 days or completely in 60. These types of chronic wounds are often associated with diabetes, neuropathy, poor circulation or weakened immunity. (1) In many cases, patients with these conditions have numbness in their feet or lower limbs and may not feel the pain from an open wound or diabetic foot sore until it is already deep and getting infected. This is why diabetic foot exams are extremely important.

   If you have any type of open wound, keeping it clean and using the right dressing will be essential for preventing infection. Sometimes non healing wounds need debridement. This is when doctors or nurses clean a wound by removing dead or inflamed tissue using tools. The time frame to determine if you need wound care is most important, however if you have a wound you cannot dress/clean regularly or effectively, you need the advanced care at Solutions wound care center Tri Cities, TN as soon as possible.

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Why You Shouldn’t Wait for Treatment

     If left untreated, chronic wounds can cause dangerous complications. Any open wound is at risk for infection. Infection is not only painful at the site of the wound but it can spread into the bloodstream and make your whole body sick; worse case scenario – causing a loss of life. If you get an infection in an open wound, it becomes a full time job of frequent dressings, worrying and debridement to keep gangrene from setting in. If it does, it must be removed surgically or it may spread further up the limb causing amputation.


     The best treatment is prevention - by not letting a non healing wound get to the limb amputation stage. Sometimes conditions change faster than expected and soon what began as a mild diabetic foot sore suddenly becomes a wound that needs advanced care, regular dressings and even debridement. To avoid the serious complications, don’t wait to get an evaluation with a wound care DR in Tri Cities TN. The best policy is to seek treatment as early as possible.

Solutions Wound Care Treatment Center

     At Solutions, our main priorities are to help patients get out of pain, avoid surgery and optimize function and we do this using state of the art regenerative medicine. We have an expertly trained, integrated team of nurses and DRs using the latest in regenerative therapies to assist in the fastest healing possible.

Here are the types of slow or non healing wounds we accept for dressing, debridement and/or regenerative treatment:

  • Arterial (ischemic) wounds caused by peripheral artery disease
  • Diabetic foot sores/ulcers
  • Mild burns
  • Pressure ulcers, or bed sores
  • Skin issues
  • Osteomyelitis (bone infection)
  • Ostomy skin and pouching problems
  • Venous skin ulcers

Confident Wound Care with Advanced Biologics

     At our state of the art wound care center, you have the advantage of technology on your side! We use the latest regenerative healthcare therapy program called Advanced Biologics to help decrease pain, inflammation and most importantly, recovery time. After your initial evaluation we will recommend a customized care plan designed to help you heal as fast as possible. You’re in good hands with Solutions Wound Care Center Tri Cities TN! 

     If you are suffering from a slow or non healing wound, diabetic foot sore or on a waiting list for wound care, we can now help you at Solutions! Call us to schedule (423) 542-2913 or make your appointment online.

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