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Life Changing Results

These success stories will amaze and delight you! Watch these videos and become inspired by the possibilities...

It Can Happen For You Too!

Over the years, we have enjoyed helping thousands of patients in the Tri-Cities get their lives back with the regenerative medicine therapies we offer at Solutions. If you’re on the fence about regenerative medicine or what we can do for you at Solutions, listen to what some of our patients have to say about their amazing results! Here is a collection of our favorite, most interesting and inspiring patient stories. To see our full collection of testimonials and informational videos, subscribe to our YouTube channel here.

Degenerative Knee No Longer Needs Surgery
I Feel Great Now!
Feeling and Moving Much Better
From Walker to Walking
So Much Better Now
Climbing Stairs Without Pain Again
The Therapy Has Been Amazing
Doing So Much Better!
Regenerative Medicine Helped My Aching Feet
Arthritic Elbows Back In Action
No More Shoulder Pain!
New Life For Knee Pain Sufferer
I'm a New Man After Regenerative Medicine
Severe Knee Pain Much Better
Left Hip Saved From Surgery
No More Pain & Sleeping Better