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Solutions Integrated Medicine & Chiropractor Tri Cities, TN

Spinal Rehab and Regenerative Medicine Clinic

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Come to Solutions for Relief

     If you suffer with joint pain, back pain or degenerative arthritis, Solutions Integrated Medicine has the best-rated chiropractors and state of the art joint care in Elizabethton and Tri-Cities TN. If you want to avoid medication and surgery, we offer a safer, healthier alternative.

     All the treatments and products we recommend are natural, minimally invasive and designed to help the body repair damaged tissue, while reducing inflammation and pain. Read more here


If You've Been Injured

     If you have accident injuries, calling our clinic is the best thing you can do for the fastest and most complete recovery possible. We are a top spinal rehab facility in the Tri Cities because our medical team uses the latest methods for precision diagnosis and targeted treatment.

     Find out why patients injured in car accidents get such great results at Solutions in Elizabethton so quickly and why putting off your appointment can leave you with lasting misery here.... 

Real Results

At Solutions, we have helped thousands of patients in Tri-Cities TN get out of pain, improve their function and avoid surgery.

All the treatments we offer in our Tri-Cities, TN integrated chiropractic clinic are non-invasive, have no adverse effects and rarely require down time. To learn more about what we can do for you, listen to what our patients have to say here....

     Besides the best orthopedic care in Tri Cities, TN, Solutions also practices several other extremely helpful applications of regenerative medicine. These include state of the art wound care for patients with ulcers and slow healing wounds. We also offer regenerative healthcare services that improve our patient's longevity and quality of life including non invasive cosmetic procedures and natural hormone replacement. 

Wound Care

     If you have a wound, ulcer or foot sore that's taking longer than 30 days to heal, call us as soon as possible for the greatest chance at making a full recovery. Wound care patients can be confident they're getting the best from Solutions. This is because we have a cutting edge team and use the latest technology in regenerative science. Our therapies are designed to speed up the process by stimulating new blood vessel and tissue growth. Read more here...


Regenerative Aesthetics

     We are now offering the amazing results of regenerative aesthetics at Solutions!  These are natural, minimally invasive cosmetic treatments designed to  restore a more youthful appearance by rejuvenating the skin. Using a patient's own plasma, regenerative aesthetic procedures can help erase wrinkles, fill in acne scars or increase the size of your lips - without the side effects of drugs or surgery. Read more here...


Bio-Identical Hormones

   Many patients wrestle with the side effects and risks of hormone replacement therapy and would love a natural alternative. Now such a thing exists… and we offer it at Solutions! It’s called Biote® hormone optimization and the results are proving it to be a real option for patients who not only want to feel better but also improve their health. For more information about this amazing new breakthrough, click here.


Extend the Life of your Knees

     A new therapy we’re offering called TriVisc® is helping patients prolong the life of their knees! It’s the next generation of hyaluronic acid supplements that’s helping people put off knee replacement surgery and covered by most insurance plans. If you’ve had stem cell therapy in the past and want your results to last longer, TriVisc® can be a great help. If you couldn’t afford stem cells, this new treatment may be the answer to keep the progressive deterioration that’s causing the trouble at bay. Learn more....

Awesome Stories

"My left knee was bone on bone and I was facing a knee replacement. I came to Solutions and regenerative medicine has made me a new man.... that no longer needs knee surgery!"

Join the ranks of Tri Cities TN satisfied patients by becoming one yourself! For more amazing stories that will inspire and educate you, check out our favorite and most interesting patient testimonial videos here.